What have you decided is impossible that is actually possible?  This morning I was reminded by a so called “inanimate object” that our point of view creates our reality!

I have been asking lots of questions lately about what it would take to eliminate some of the extra/excess weight my body and I are choosing.  This morning I stepped on the scales and they said 3.6kg less than yesterday!

“What?  That can’t be right!!” so i reset the scales and jumped back on and they showed 0.5kg heavier than yesterday. “Thats better!”  OMG!!!!  What did I just do?

Here I am asking lots of questions, taking classes to clear away my points of view and learn to listen to my body and I don’t even believe it is possible to change that easily! Good job my body is cute cause that is one moment in time that I was not being very bright!

“Ok so what is that?  What point of view do I have that created that?”  as I climbed in the shower I started asking questions.  I realised that I had the point of view that to loose that much weight in one day was IMPOSSIBLE!!  Which is really interesting as I had heard 2 days ago that a friend of mine, after doing a “Right Body for You – Weightloss with Total Ease” class, had lost 14.5kg in a week and had asked “What would it take for that to show up for me?”

So I started to run this process “What have I decided is impossible that actually is possible? Everything that is times a godzillion I destroy and uncreate it all.  Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, All 9, Boys Shorts and Beyonds®

So would running this process assist you to open up possibilities that you have been limiting?  Or would that be to easy?  One awareness that showed up for me was that making a million dollars over night was impossible for me.  Interesting how do I expect the lottery tickets to win first division with that point of view in place? POC POD!!!!

What else is possible?®  What have you been denying is possible that actually is possible that if you would allow it to be possible would allow everything you have been asking for to show up with total ease?

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