Today I would like to ask you "What are you aware of?"

How often are you having this weird wonky eeeehh aargh err, or when somebody talks about a particular topic, or something like that, you are like "uuurrrr arrrrr errrr" (laughs) so excuse my facial expressions but how many of you recognise those facial expressions and those energies that show up in your world and your like "I feel Funny! I'm weird. I'm wonky."
What if you were to ask a different question?
What am I aware of here?
So often those weird wonky wobbles that happen in our worlds are actually based on the space of, somebody says something, you see something, you do something and it brings up an awareness.
What do I mean by that?
Now that could be an awareness of, sometimes when we go to angry and grumpy we are aware of a lie. Sometimes when we go to work on a project (this has been happening for me lately) I have been going to work on a project and I feel like (I feel, I don't feel ) I have the awareness that there is something I am supposed to be doing for this particular client. Yet theres nothing on my to do list and I am like aaarrgh what ?? Its been taking up a bit of headspace and I'm like "I'm not charging this woman enough for my time" I am spending all this time thinking about her, thinking about her business, trying to work out what I am supposed to be doing for her. Then today we had a meeting, we were doing a pre booked meeting, we recorded some videos and we got chatting and then all of a sudden out of her mouth flowed "Oh and we've got that free call on Friday" and I was like "What free call on Friday?"
That so matched the energy of the what am I supposed be doing, where am I supposed to be, how am I supposed to be? So I had been aware of this free call and when I started looking in to it there were areas where the free call needed some touch ups and some tech support, you know which is alot of what I do for this client and it was like OHHH this is what I have been aware of. This is what should have been on my todo list and energetically it already was. Yet it hadn't been cognitively bought to my attention. Instead of going "What am I aware of here? What is required here?" and perhaps even asking her, "I have been thinking about you a lot, what is going on in the business that I haven't been made aware of that is taking up all this mind space for me?" If I had asked that question she probably would have gone through "We've got this, this, this" and this particular free call may have popped out in that and I would have been able to go Arr there we go that's the piece I was looking for. Whats required here? and contribute. You know it will probably only took me 5 minutes to get whats required sorted. Talk to the right people. Get the right bits done. But it has been taking up a lot of mind space. So what if when those weird wonky mind space naggy things start showing up ask "What am I aware of here?" and "Whats required that I haven't acknowledged?"
So thats my hint and tip for today. I'm so super grateful for you all joining me on these videos.
What can I add to my life to love living even more?
What can you add to your life to love living even more?
What generative energy, space and consciousness can we be to create the life and living we desire?
I adore you guys. I hope you Access You more and more every day and what would it take to outcreate you every day to greater?
Have fun and I will see you in the next video or on the next class.

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