How many times have you been told "That's not like you"?
I must say, I could not count the times!
How many points of view have you bought from others about what you being you actually is?

Dr Dain Heer has written a an amazing book called 'Being You Changing the World' and one of the things that I hear so often from my clients is, "But what is me, I don't know what me is?" And this is something that I've battled with over and over again.

So what I'd like to ask you is, what have you bought from other people about what is not you, that actually is you? By designing you as not "that" or trying to avoid being "that" because it's not you" have you ended up not being you? I know it's insane, right?

But how many times have you heard "That's not like you" when actually it's not like what they'd like you to be.
So why do people say that? Maybe it was because when you are being you, you are not controllable? Maybe it was actually them not wanting to acknowledge where they were like that and they had been made wrong for it at some point? And them allowing you to be yourself is shining a light on the possibility that they were not being everything they could be. Does it really matter why they did it?
What I have come to realize is that underlying all of it is that I have taken all those moments and created the point of view that "I am not right and being me is not okay".
Get a sense of how much limitation that point of view creates. Massive right?
What you can do to change this is start to notice all those places and spaces where you see something, you hear something, you say something or somebody else says something and your world lights up and you go "Yes that!" and then you stop yourself.  Then you can use the amazing clearing statement from Access Consciousness to clear all of the points of view from others creating that stopping energy. You don't even need to know what the point of view is.

So what could you be or do today, that will bring up that feeling? That sense of 'Ohhh yes then no, no, I'm not allowed to be that or do that', so you can then clear all the points of view creating that and choose again.

How much of that "I would love to be or do or have or create or generate" list that most of us have is actually created only because we're not stepping into those energies. Would you be willing right now to choose to be willing to be all energies and see which ones create the greatest. Choice is only good for 10 seconds. Not even that really because if you go, "I'm gonna choose to be mean and horrible right now" and you start to be that and you go ewww yuck I don't like that. Ok new 10 seconds what else is possible?
So, if you'd like to know any more of these amazing tools have a look around the website, come join the Love Living Club, follow me on social media or check out Access Consciousness.
Come play with the possibilities that are available for you beyond what anybody has ever allowed you to be in the past, including yourself.

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