So this will be a new experience for us all! We will be boring you all as often as we can be bothered to the greater amusement of the planet!

Or in short, welcome to the new Blog of AccessYou.

My name is Glenn Edhouse, I have been using the tools of Access Consciousness for a little over 3 years in my own life, and have been a Certified Facilitator since December 2011. I’ll be using this Blog to let you know how to apply some of the basic tools of Access and where you can find out more about what is going on in Access in New Zealand, as I happen to be married to the New Zealand Coordinator.

So what is Access Consciousnesstm then? Access is set of processes, tools and techniques that you can use in your day to day life to change anything that is going on. That rolls off the tongue so easily that you may miss the most important part of it – the anything part. When I first started to learn about what Access had to offer I missed most of it. I knew that when I had my Bars run it created a sense of peace and ease in my body, and that I enjoyed the people I was meeting. I discovered that I was functioning from a lot of viewpoints that I did not realise that I had. In starting to ask some really simple questions of myself I got greater awareness of why my life looked the way it did, and finally I had a way of changing it that worked for me.

So what I would like to invite you to is a place where you can be the person that is in the drivers seat of your life so that you can choose how your life works and what happens in it. Check out the rest of the site and get in touch if you would like to know more about anything that you see.

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