Wow, what a weekend! What can we learn over one weekend?

Well, 3 things come to mind. Michelle and I spent our weekend at the Mind, Body, Spirit Fair in Te Puke this weekend past, and I was intrigued to see the people who showed up to and what they were looking for.  I got the feeling a lot of people were looking for answers…  …so is  there anything wrong with looking for answers? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. It all comes down to you.

When you are asking a question, whether to yourself, someone else, or to the universe, chances are that it will lead you to awareness, rather than an answer. That’s great, as long as you are open to receiving that awareness, and not so focused on an answer that you miss it. Or have you already decided what the answer should be and are looking for that answer only? Or are you looking to someone else to be the source for your life? Aargh! Where do you begin?

One of the simple tools we use with Access is the tool of Light and Heavy. Simply put, the truth will always make you feel lighter, and a lie will always make you feel heavier. How does this work in everyday life? Lets give it a go. Ask yourself a question that you know the answer to like “am I a Man?” I hope you know the answer to that one. Play with this tool and get a feel for what works for you. This can become your personal guide to what is true for you, because you are following the awareness of the person that knows the most about your life – You.

This becomes very useful when people are giving you advice, or answering a question you have asked. If it feels light, if it expands your world, then chances are that it will work for you. If it makes you heavy or contracts your world, chances are that isn’t something that will work for you. Just keep in mind that what people may call “bad news” may make you feel lighter because it is true, not because you like it.

The second thing that comes to mind is that you should never leave home with someone elses’ keys in your pocket. it makes it hard for them to drive their car…

And thirdly, you can create magic in your life if you choose it. What does that mean? Check back next week 😛

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