What if You Are Not Wrong with Parenting?

Parenting can be one of the most judged things you do in your life.
There are so many different ideas of what a good parent is or isn’t that sometimes we are going round in circles trying to do it “right”.
What if you could stop trying not to be wrong and create what works for you and your child/ren?

This is a Recording of live telecall.

NZ$20.00 NZD


Co-facilitated by Glenn and Michelle Edhouse

Where have you cut yourself off, limited your possibilities in life and living by always being wrong?
Many people have been made wrong from the day they were born; by parents that want them on the right path, people that wanted to be right, whatever the reason.
It seems as normal as breathing, everyone is doing it – and what else is possible?
What could you create if you were willing to see where you were making yourself less than you are?
Would you be willing to take off your “wrong” coloured lenses and see the world as a different place?
This class will show you how you can spot when you are making you wrong, give you the tools to change it and create greater than you ever imagined.


  • 1 hour call recording mp3
  • clearing loop mp3
  • clearings pdf
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