Unleashing You As A Parent – Telecall Recording

Did you get a manual when your child was born or like me where you bombarded with all the do's and don'ts from every direction?
Is it time to clear out the limiting beliefs so you can parent from your awareness and have ease, joy and glory with parenting?

This is to purchase the recordings from a live video series recorded April & May 2017

NZ$20.00 NZD


Michelle Edhouse is a mother of 2 and before she started using the tools she will share in this series she was hating being a parent and judging everything she did. As she let go of the definitions and judgments her relationship with her children have grown, changed and become a contribution to her life and those of her children.

If you could create parenting your way what would you choose?

What else is possible beyond what society tells you is “just the way it is”?

This series will consist of 6 calls.

Stepping Into Being a Parent – Have you been willing to be a parent?  What is “Being a Parent”?

Choosing for You and Your Child – Are you willing to go against the grain of other people with regards to direction of your kids?

Ease with Schooling – Are you aware of a possibility greater than your school is offering?  What else is possible?  What can we create greater?

Ease with Bullying – Do you have a child who has been bullied?  What tools can you use with them and teach them that can create a different reality for them and you in regards to this?

Changing and Growing Bodies – There is so much change with bodies for children.  How can you facilitate them on how to navigate this?  We will cover health, self image and pubity.

Allowing Them To Be Them – Is it time for them to move on to the next stage?  Going to School, Getting their drivers licence, Leaving Home. Transitioning from the protector/teacher to readying them to leave the nest is a step that can be easier than others say it is.

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