UBU Movement Live – Rotorua 4th April 2019

60 minutes of connecting with your body and clearing limitations through conscious dance and verbal clearings.
Thursday 4th April 2019
11am at Simply Holistic (1156 Pukuatua Street, Rotorua)
Please come early to check in and find your place.

Door sales are Cash Only and places are limited you can pay by credit card by registering here.

If this time doesn’t work for you please give us some feedback here.


Do you desire more connection and communion with your body?

What would it be like if you were without judgment of you and your body? How much more joy would you have in all areas of your life?

Join Michelle as she guides you through letting go of the points of view, the judgments and the limitations you have and invites you to create what you desire through movement and dance.

In these classes we will be using free form movement / dance to unlock the freedom to be who you are and between musical pieces Michelle will share tools and run energetic clearings that facilitate this.

What if All of Life Comes To You With Ease, Joy and Glory?
What else would be possible if you had the joy of embodiment?

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