NZ$20.00 NZD

Tools for Looking After Your Body As An Empath – Rotorua & Online

NZ$20.00 NZD

Are you always exhausted, getting sick or even have body shapes that you don’t desire?

These are some signs of an empathic body and there are tools you can use to have more ease with this awesome talent.

Only $20
2pm Sunday 20th June 2021

So many of us are empathic and do not even realise it.

In this class I will be sharing tools and processes you can use to protect and clear your body of trauma and dis-ease that can be created when you are an empath, as well as open the space for you to not be at the effect of other peoples trauma, drama and dis-ease.

Only $20
In person in Rotorua or Online
2pm NZ - 20th June 2021

Please arrive a little early to check in and find a seat.

Michelle Edhouse


Michelle Edhouse is based in Rotorua New Zealand and loves to empower people to have all of life come to them with ease joy and glory.

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