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Right Recovery For You Bookclub Online 2022

What if Recovery is not about stopping a behavior but recovering the joy of living?
Join Michelle in this 10 week deep dive into “Right Recovery For You” in this online bookclub

Starting 5th February 8am NZ time (check your time here) Recording of Call 1 now availabe!
Each call is 1 hour long and recordings will be available afterwards.



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Have you ever heard the term what you resist persists?  Or maybe that which you resist may have something for you?  That was how it was for me with Right Recovery For You.  I and no one I knew would have labelled me an addict, yet when I finally committed to reading this book I realised how many things I was using to shut me down, limit me and hide away from the wrongness I felt inside.

As Marilyn Bradford says "What if Recovery is not about stopping a behavior but recovering the joy of living?”  So many of us live with an underlying level of self judgement and wrongness and use many behaviors to hide from this.  Join me as we work through this amazing book together.  Each week we will cover a chapter and come together for an hour for discussion and facilitation.

So if you have been resisting this book (maybe even had it on the bookshelf for years) or just discovered it and desire to dive deep and change it let's do it together. 


Michelle Edhouse is a certified Right Recovery for You facilitator and an Access Consciousness facilitator who's biggest joy is opening the door to others to choose more ease, joy and glory in their lives.

Purchase Your Copy of Right Recovery for You:

Amazon - Kindle -

If you are in NZ I have copies available - contact me

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