The Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse Recordings

This class will begin to unlock those insane places in you where you have received abuse.


This class recording will start to unlock those insane places in you where you have received abuse. What would it take for you to be free, joyful and expansive with yourself and your body?

If you have suffered abuse of any kind and can not seem to totally heal you or your body, or get over behavior issues, then this 2.5 hour audio is for you! Simply play this in the background or on a loop while you sleep and watch the change begin. It is that easy. Over 7,000 people have received the benefits of this class.

This original abuse class developed by Gary Douglas has a profound healing and clearing effect on people including kids, adults and even animals! This audio is especially recommended if you are looking to release the places where abuse has been locked into your body. Try it out, listen daily for 30 days and let us know what unlocks in you.

Note: the audio was recorded during the original live class and contains background noise.  Do NOT let this concern you!  Even if you are unable to clearly hear the words the energy of this class is powerful.

This recording is the one that is required to be listened to 20 times before receiving the Abuse Hold Body Process.

This is an affiliate link, you pay no extra, if you would rather by direct please go to to find the recordings there. 🙂


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