Mumble & Jumble

by Liam Phillips and Gabi Plumm

A fabulous story book that introduces the basic Access Consciousness tools in story fun.

“I loved reading this to the kids and then using the story as an invitation for them to use the tools in their own lives”

Michelle Edhouse (mother of 2 boys)

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Mumble and Jumble and the Great Corpsicle Conundrum is a story of friendship, magic, mystery and mayhem.

Meeting at a birthday party, an immediate rapport is struck when Mumble and Jumble discover talents and abilities they both have in common. With adventures and discoveries unfolding daily each child realizes how ‘different’ they truly are from most of their class mates.

Mumble and Jumble have been classified ‘dislabeled’ but they discover they are far from it when they rescue friends from disastrous accidents, abusive parents, mean bullies and impending devastation.

Mumble and Jumble and the Great Corpsicle Conundrum is a fast moving, electrifying read that will keep you pinned to your seat long after the TV is turned off! Highly recommended for readers who enjoy excitement in their reading. Don’t forget to BREATHE!

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