Magic Of Being – ebook

What if you could be the designer of your life? What if you could get on a boat and go on an adventure called ‘you’ and you don’t have to know what that looks like?

Available on Kindle (softcover coming soon)

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What if being a leader begins with choice?

What contribution can we be to changing the face of relationships on the Earth?

Are you willing to have the adventure of relationships?

What if you could have a different possibility with death and grief? What else is possible for you as a caregiver?

Would you like to have your cake and eat it too? What are the 4 elements of this? Would you like to be vibrationally compatible to these elements?

What can you create that would create more possibilities for your life?

Do you include your body in all the ther- apies and all the medications that you are on and diets that you are trying? What would get created if you do?

What is possible for you in business? And how much fun could you have?

What invitation can you be to people to work with you?

What business are you willing to create that nobody else does? Are you willing to do something different?

by Nilofer Safdar (Author), Steven Bowman (Author), Chutisa Bowman (Author), Dr Kacie Crisp (Author), Michelle Edhouse (Author), Sophie Mihalko (Author), Liam Phillips (Author), Margaret Braunack (Author), Wendy Mulder (Author), Cory Michelle (Author), Vanitha Subramaniam (Author), Simone Milasas (Author), Susan Lazar Hart (Author)

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