30 Days to a Joyful Body – Recording

Telecall Series with Michelle Edhouse & Grace Hart

What does your future body desire you to choose today?
What would it BE like to have 30 days to start to change and create anything with your body?
What would your body BE like if you had a sense of space, ease and joy with your body?
Did you know you chose your body?

NZ$150.00 NZD

What’s right about your body that you are not getting?
What could your body BE and what could you both create and actualise if you stopped being in judgement of it?
Are you willing to look at this?
Are.you willing to be and do what’s required to create the change you know is possible with your body?
This call series is about getting committed to your beautiful sweet body. To be a space of communion and creation with it.
Michelle and Grace are choosing to change this. We have made the demand.
Will you join us?
Have you made the demand of you that this changes. We will be destroying DI RJ codes of assimilation, schematics and anything else that is in the way or joyful embodiment!  So we can have the ease of change at the speed of space.

What created this call? Here is Grace talking about this series:

A Taste from Call 5:

This is the recordings from this series, all MP3’s will be available instantly on purchase.

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