Joyful Other – 6th June Telecall

Telecall Series with Grace Hart & Michelle Edhouse (author of Unlocking Unhappy)

What do you desire in a joyful other?
What would it BE like receive your joyful your?
What would your life BE like if you had a sense of space, ease and joy with your other?
Is now the time?

NZ$50.00 NZD

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What’s right about your enjoyable other that you are not getting?
What could you BE and what could you create and actualise if you stopped being in judgement of relationship?
Are you willing to look at this?
Are you willing to be and do what’s required to create the change you know is possible to have a joyful other as a choice?
We have made the demand.
Will you join us?
Have you made the demand of you that this changes. We will be destroying Distractor Implants, Relational Digitisations and anything else that is in the way of haveing a joyful other!  So we can have the ease of change at the speed of space.

This 1 hour call is the second call in a series of 3 and will be live on Wednesday 7th June at 12.30pm NZ / 10.30am Brisbane (Check your time around the world here)
Other calls in the series are:
Joyful You (5th June) –
Joyful Sex (7th June) –

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