Ease with Money NOW! Free Call – Recording

Is money easy for you right now?

Are you at all stressed about money as you head into the holiday season?

Would you like to clear this and have ease and joy in your space during this “Season”?

This call is not about making money but having ease with money.

This call has past and you will receive instant access to the recording.

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In this call (call 1 of a 3 call series)  Michelle clearings away the limitations, the judgments, the family stuff that keeps you from having ease in your world around money.

Are you willing to have a Christmas miracle with money or are you stuck so deep in the pile of poo that you can’t get your hands out to receive the miracle if it shows up?

Michelle has been there and in this call will start the process of clearing away that pile, unlocking the lifetime of money issues and opening up the space for you to be you no matter how much money you have.

This call is the first of a series of 3 calls and if you would like to join Michelle for 2 more calls where we will get change so much more please register here.

What is a “Call”? –  A telecall is just that, a conference call where you can call in by phone or via the internet and participate.  Michelle loves questions and joining her live on the call you get to bring up what is bugging you she can facilitate you!  Remember there is no such thing a silly question only silly people who don’t ask questions.  The system we use also has a listen only online version if you prefer that and you can type your questions in if you desire.

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