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Do You Want Money? – Online 6 Week Series

Ever wondered why some people receive money with total ease and you just struggle from hour to hour, week to week, month to month?

There are tips, tricks and tools that nobody is teaching and I want to share them with you. I'd like to share them with you on this 6 call course. Come join me as we start to explore how to become money.

What if Money is energy looking for a place to play? How do you treat it? Do you invite it in just to throw it back out the back door as fast as you can. What if money came into play and could contribute by being with you as well as when you spend it?

What if everything you spent your money it grew?  Think that can't happen? That is what I am inviting you to with these 6 zoom calls as we dive deep into the How To Become Money Workbook and uncover those points of view that hold you back from having all of life including money come to you with ease joy and glory!

6 Weekly Calls starting


NZ 6th July 2022 7pm NZ
Europe 6th July 2022 9am EST
USA 5th July 2022 midnight Pacific

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Pre-Requisite:  Have a copy of How To Become Money Workbook

If you do not yet have a copy please purchase from Amazon or Access Website or if you are in NZ and would like a physical copy message Michelle

Proof of ownership required to participate see registration confirmation for details

Register now to also receive the free call the week before all in one registration

NZ$100.00 NZD

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