NZ$20.00 NZD

Getting Clear of Blame Shame Regret and Guilt with Michelle Edhouse

Has Blame Shame Regret or Guilt been keeping you stuck?

Is it time to create your life beyond it?

In this 1 hour online call we will be clearing what keeps us stuck and opening the possibilities for greater in your life and living beyond Blame Shame Regret and Guilt.


July 2020

We go live in








NZ And Australia  4th July

USA and Europe 3rd July

NZ$20.00 NZD

We have been indoctrinated that we should feel these and in doing so we cut off our awareness of what is and what can be, limiting the possibilities that are available for the present and future! 

What if you didn't have to be at the effect of these 4 Distractors?  

In this 1 Hour call Michelle will clear the space for a different possibility beyond the blame shame regret and guilt we have felt till now.

What you didn't have to ever feel these emotions?  What would your life be like?  More ease?  More Joy?  More abundance of living?



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