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Getting Clear of Blame Shame Regret and Guilt with Michelle Edhouse

Is Happiness Just a Choice for You?
If not join Michelle Edhouse (author of Unlocking Unhappy) for this 1 hour of clearing what stops you having that choice.

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July 2020

NZ And Australia  18th July

USA and Europe 17th July

NZ$20.00 NZD

Events in life, the people we surround our selves by through out our lives and society in general can all affect our levels of happiness.

What, when, where, why, how and who controls your happiness?  Is now the time to take control of your own happiness and break free from the chains of unhappy?

Michelle used to be bound up in unhappy and didn’t see another possibility.  A question from Gary Douglas (founder of Access Consciousness) wedged open a crack in that solid cage and using tools and clearings she shares in her book “Unlocking Unhappy” and will be sharing in this call Michelle now can choose happiness anytime she likes, even in times of upset and trauma.

What if Happiness Can Be A Choice?

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Unlocking Unhappy

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