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Clearing What Stops You


What if you could let go of all the energies that are limiting you and create the life you desire?
In this series we take a topic per call and clear away those limitations and open the door for you to choose more.
Business, money, relationships, body what would you like to change?

Calls in the Series so Far


Is Happiness Just a Choice for You?
If not join Michelle Edhouse (author of Unlocking Unhappy) for this 1 hour of clearing what stops you having that choice.

Getting Clear of Blame Shame Regret and Guilt with Michelle Edhouse

Has Blame Shame Regret or Guilt been keeping you stuck?

Is it time to create your life beyond it?

In this 1 hour online call we will be clearing what keeps us stuck and opening the possibilities for greater in your life and living beyond Blame Shame Regret and Guilt.


Getting Clear of Blame Shame Regret and Guilt with Michelle Edhouse

Have you been struggling to sell yourself?

Know that all your business or career requires to hit the heights you desire is to up your sales game?

Lets clear what limits you and open some space to create the business, money flows and life you desire.

What would your life and living be like if sales were as ease, joy and glory as breathing?

NZ$20.00 NZD
NZ$20.00 NZD
NZ$20.00 NZD

Unlocking Unhappy

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