NZ$50.00 NZD

Whats included?

- 21 Daily Energy Pulls (Some live some prerecorded)
- Facebook group to create together in ūüôā

Is Now The Time To Create The Life You Desire?

Recently I ask a friend "Are you creating your life as you desire it?"  and he replied "But I don't know what I want!"
Are you like that?
Do you know what you lack but not sure how to create it?
Know what you want and have the tools but don't use them?

Would joining me for 21 days of creation tools and energy pulls contribute to creating the change you desire?

How Much??  Only

NZ$50.00 NZD

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What time I hear you ask?

Starting on 1st April this is 7.30am NZ time each day and don't worry if you can't make it live the recordings will be available within an hour of the end of each call.
Please note that for those in Europe or the USA areas this could be the day before so please Check your time around the world here. 
NZ changes our clocks on the 4th so:
1st-4th April Check your time here
5th-21st April Check your time here

So what can I expect to get out of this? 

I know what it has created for me but lets hear from some of the other participants from previous series:


I have been doing the energy pulls with Michelle and to say they are amazing is an understatement! Since doing them I have pulled in a new car, a great birthday, feeling very good and using the tools to help clients and have more ease in my life. Michelle is super amazing and every one who has done bars and foundation should be doing these as their ongoing support! You don't get this support from other facilitators!! Here is a picture of me with my car¬†😆

¬ Sarah, Australia

Hi Michelle, I wanted to thank you so much for continuing to do these monthly energy pulls. My life has gotten to be more alive, fun and present with my body and environment! You always know just what I need to hear when you are doing the energy pulls! I look forward to them every day „ÄÄ You are an inspiration to all of us on the call.

~ Kim, USA

Hey Michelle¬†😍¬†just wanted to say how grateful I am for your daily energy pulls....they are such an orgasmic¬†😉¬†contribution to my life atm!!! I actually missed days 2 and 3, so listened to the recordings last the end of them both my body was humming....hdigabtt and weip now??? So much gratitude!¬†😁😁😁😚
~ Ra, NZ

I've been participating in your energy pull since the first day. I either listen to or watch the recordings, and I love that. Thank you so much!
~ Atsuko, Japan

Are you Ready?

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