4 Hours of Private Sessions with Michelle Edhouse

What magic can we create together over 4 hours of sessions?
Clearing points of view that are limiting and opening more possibilities in your reality.
How much fun can we create?
These 4 hours can be spread out over multiple sessions and require to be used with 6 weeks of the first session.

NZ$500.00 NZD

Before I had a session with Michelle I was certain this pain was longterm, even the doctors were prescribing a lifetime of pain killers.  3 x 1hr sessions and I have the joy of movement and rarely take medication at all.  So grateful!!  Totally recommend the fun easy session.”   Sharleen, Lake Rotoma, NZ

My business was failing and I was sure we would loose the house before I came to see you Michelle.  Now the bookings are flowing in and I am so excited about the future!  Thank you. How does it get any better than this?”  Julie, Sydney, Australia

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