One person who has had the most influence on me is myself. I know that sounds pretty weird but everything I have ever created is based on my point of view. If I didn’t have my point of view then that would not have been created. Throughout the next few minutes I would like to share with you a few times in my life where I have chosen a new point of view and how that has influenced my life.
Let’s start with that moment in intermediate art, I had just made what I considered this super cute beautifully sculpted clay girl in a hood. As I carried her carefully to the drying area of the class someone bumped me and she fell to the floor. Squashed flat! I burst into tears and the teacher rushed over to see if she could fix my problem. She picked up the clay blob, smushed it back into an upright position and said “there all better” WHAT! No way. If she thought that mess was as good as what I had made then a/ I don’t have an artistic bone in my body and b/ I don’t know what art is.
So how has that shaped my life? From then on I only ever followed a pattern or a recipe to the letter. Trying to shape it to something that worked for me or I liked was not on the list as I was not artistic. WOW! It wasn’t until my dad did something that was following a step by step process that resulted in something that was considered art that this point of view started to fall apart. Then when I did the same process and was hailed as having hidden artistic talent that my world started to flip on its head. I now run an art channel on Youtube with nearly 30000 subscribers and 250,000 views on one video in 1 month. I am continually told that I am so creative and my art is fabulous. Am I glad I choose to allow my point of view to change? You bet!
Another point of view I had when I was a teen was if my belly didn’t stick out past my boobs then I wasn’t fat. Now for some people this is a very valid point but when you are a K cup size it takes a super large belly to stick out beyond that! Recently in one of my creative moments I decided to try dress making and measured my hips to work out what size pattern to use. It came out that I needed to use the size 22! What that is HUGE! With this recognition I asked “what point of view have I been using to avoid acknowledging the size I am choosing?” and noticed that tummy boobs ratio point of view. Well That is changing!
So as you can see my point of view has created my reality and these are just 2 of millions of other ways I have influenced my own direction. As I write this I am now asking “How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?”

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