Ways to unlock the sick childSo  what do you do when you child wakes up randomly out of the blue feeling ill? Now for me that had always been “Do I actually want to have him at home today? Do I want to be an at home mum today or do I want to continue with my normal activities” as to whether or not I then go “No no darling you’re all right off you go”.

This has changed since I have been using the Access Consciousness tools. What do I mean by that?

What if what actualises in their body is a creation? Is a choice from some point that has created that pain, that suffering that dis-ease? So by empowering them to discover what created this dis-ease would empower them to make a different choice.

One morning, the Friday before the last day of term when assignments were starting to be required to be handed in and Mr 13 came to me all ready for school, dressed and showered and he said “Mum I have a headache, a sore throat and my nose is all snotty”. Now it was the middle of winter. This could be highly possible! There could have been lots of avenues that I could have taken including giving in and saying “Oh darling that’s no good, back to bed then” but I looked at the energy of his being. Then energy of his being was actually quite vibrant, quite happy. There wasn’t any actual dis-ease in his universe. The awareness this gave me was that this was not what his body desired to be. When he came to me he had said “I have already asked my body and it is my body and it is trying to facilitate me on something.” Cool, great asking questions honey! So what is it trying to facilitate for you? I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know.

Now if any of you have ever been to an Access Consciousness class that is one answer you do not get to give.

“So what is happening at school today?” and it turns out that they had their English presentations that day he wasn’t ready for it. He had written the speech but not finished the powerpoint presentation so I asked “How long would it take for you to finish the powerpoint?”

“About 15 minutes”

“So when is English today? When do you have to do the presentation?”

“English is first period but I may not have to do mine till next week”

So if he got to school that day without that powerpoint finished he wasn’t ready if his name was drawn to speak today.

“So are you ready for school?”


“If I drive you instead of you biking and you spend the 15 minutes difference creating your powerpoint what will that create?”

“How have we gone from me being sick to you getting me to do my homework before school?”

“Ask your body, if you get this homework finished what will that create for it?”

“Oh!! My headache is lessening Mum.”


So he went, sat down, got on with it, got it done and when he got in the car with me…

“How’s your body dude?”

“Still a little bit of a sore throat but other than that I’m feeling good”

“Cool would you like to do some Right Voice for You exercises to see if we can clear that?”

“Yeah sure” So we did and as he got out of the car he said “Mum, Thanks 🙂 ”

“How much fun can you have today mate?”

“So much!”

How does it get any better than that? We had gone from snotty nose, headache and sore throat to getting out of the car dis-ease free and ready to create magic!

Are you willing to question the possibilities?

Are you willing to question what’s showing up and actually see is creating it.

What else can you be aware of that by asking questions can create another possibility?

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