Is Parenting fun for you?

Is what your current parenting working for You & your children?

Are you trying to parent the way others have said is the way to do it?

I would love to invite you to a different possibility. A way of parenting that can work for you and your kids.

In this series I will share with you tools and information that I have used to make parenting more ease filled for me and my children.

Would you like to have more ease with your parenting?

Are You Happy?

What If Happiness Was A Choice?

Would you like the tools I used to get out from under the constant cloud of unhappy?

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What has Michelle been saying on her Vlog about Parenting?

Others Have Different Opinions WHAT?

Are getting worked up about other peoples points of view? What if every point of view was just an interesting point of view? We have a daily email that you can register for that sends you a new question to your email inbox. Register here for your Daily Question email!...

What Can I Be or Do Today?

Have you been wondering what would create the change you desire? In the recent telecall series "Conscious Parents Conscious Kids" Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, offered up a tool that was so simple and yet can create so much change and possibility if...

What Energy Space & Consciousness Can You Be?

If you are creating your reality what if you were to use the building blocks of the universe? What are they? Energy, Space & Consciousness!! How do you use them to your advantage? Just ask! To join us on the Pulling in Your Reality series go to...

Are You Willing To Fail?

If you knew you couldn't fail what would you choose? If what you are choosing is failure in someone elses eyes are you willing to be a failure to them? What if your targets can change and that is not a failure? To join us on the Pulling in Your Reality series go to...

This book has been re-released under a different title hense the Kindle version is different


Unlocking Unhappy

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