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Listen to a taste from the Free taster:

Have you been asking for a different possibility?
With your life?
With your body?
Has everything been heavy and no joy?
Is it time for this to change?  

If so please join me on this challenge starting 1st February to create a lighter you! We started with a free 1 hour call that shares some awesome tools you can use to rid you and your body of the heaviness. If you would like to join me for the 30 day challenge we will be playing together with these tools as well as clearings and questions throughout the 30 days to change the heavy stuff and start creating the lightness you know is possible. This 30 days of play includes:

  • 4 additional 1 hour calls
  • 2 Audio clearings loops each week (total 8)
  • A Facebook support group
  • Daily questions and processes via the Facebook group

And when you register and pay for the 30 day Challenge you receive my Lighter Body Clearing Loop (value $10) Free!!!


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