When you are being you how much more fun do you have?

How much more ease do you have in all areas in your life?

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Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to another Access You TV episode, my name is Michelle Edhouse and today I wanna introduce you to a question that I use a lot, a lot lot lot lot. And I know I say that a lot on this channel and yet there are some questions that if you use them they just change the energy. They just create a different space, a different possibility, a different reality for you, your life, your living, your business, your parenting, your kids. Like everything and anything can change with a question. And there are some questions that really do create a massive change and this is one of them.
And it comes from the amazing Dr Dain Heer, and you will find it in his book “Being You Changing the World” (and I will put a link in the description to that) and the question today is…
“If you were being you what would you choose?”
Or for me if I am using it for myself I would say it like “If I was being me what would I choose?”
Now I know that sounds really weird, really strange. What do you mean, I am me! Well yes, yes you are, but are you currently functioning as the infinite being you truly be or are you functioning as a limited pile of crap covered in everybody else’s points of view and shit?
So, here is my question to you “If you were being you right now what would you choose?”
Would you change videos? Would you stop it and ask a question? (what is this? is it relevant to me?) What would you choose? Like right now in this 10 seconds what would you choose?
So if you were being you what does that look like?
What does it sound like?
How much space do you have when you are being you?
Like you know if you are in a really weird situation, lets say for example you are like Christmas in 3 days or something. You are at a Christmas function, your at a family affair and its just feeling yucky. If you were being you what would you choose?
Turn on some music “Hey guys lets start to dance – wahoo!!” That would be a bit of me, you know bit of music, bit of dancing always changes everything, my interesting point of view. But that’s me being me. That’s like ok cool so anyone else want another drink? Maybe that’s you being you.
What would you being you look like?
Not you being your mum, not you being your dad, not you being the woman next door, not you being your boss, not you being The Boss.
If you were being you, YOU, what would you choose? and hey even buying Christmas presents this year “If I was being me what would I choose?” I would choose to buy the things that are fun and joyful, you know some of the cousins and brothers and sisters and stuff when they were telling me what their kids would like for Christmas… Really would they like those things for Christmas or have they given you a list and you’ve cut out the things that you don’t think are appropriate.
So if I was being me what would I buy your kid? Not would I buy for your kid for you. What would I buy, me, for this kid. Tap into the kid, what do I know, what does the kid actually desire?
So if you were being you what would you choose?
In business can you use this tool in business?
Well you know does anybody actually ever do business with a thing or do they do business with you? And what is the difference of you? You are the difference of you.
If you try and be like everyone else, yes sure there are some structures and some things that if your not doing that things might not show up quiet so cool but one of the things that I have noticed is the businesses that are really, really taking off, going viral, doing insane amounts of business that people are just like “Where did they come from? How did that happen? Oh my god!” Its where people are being them. They are getting out on Facebook, YouTube, what ever and being difference that they be. Not fitting in. So if you were being you, I’m going to say it again, If you were being you what would you choose?
How much fun can you have playing with that question? And how many points of view do you actually have of what you being you is that isn’t actually you?
So I look forward to hearing from you what ever change shows up, what awareness shows up, what weird and wacky things you do cause you are being you and I look forward to seeing you on another episode of Access You TV.

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