change-anythingIf you could change anything in your life what would you choose?

This is a question that gets asked a lot when you are around Access Consciousness® classes and facilitators and after 7 years it has finally struck home.

What would I choose?

Am I really willing to change that?

Am I really willing to look at my life and be honest with me about what works for me and what doesn’t?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered about your life? About your happiness level? About your money? About your body? About your relationships?
I did. I still do.

One morning I was in the shower (where quiet a bit of contemplation happens for me) and I recognised that I was not creating my life with happiness as a choice.

I had listened to the class the Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer (co-creators of Access Consciousness) had done called “Happiness is Just a Choice” and it was a great class. Yet when I listened to the class I was not ready to choose it.

That morning in the shower I was ready. I had had enough of the “At least my life is better than So & So” life I had been living. It was time to make the demand that happiness be a choice for me.

I had the awareness that what I was stepping into and the process of creating it could be a contribution so I picked up my phone and hit record.  So grateful I did.  As I processed my way through everything that came up I shared it out loud.  I talked about the tools I was using and how to use them.  I choose to be happy!  I choose to get out of my own way and allow myself to be me.

I am not saying you have to choose happiness.  I am not saying you have to choose anything different.

What I would love for you to ask you is “If I could change anything in my life today what would it be?”

This question can be asked on so many levels from the surface “My hair colour”  to the deepest darkest corner that you never show anyone including yourself.  Do you, like me, have a niggling twinge that something else is possible?  Something beyond what society tells us is possible?

That recording from that day has taken on its own life.  From the 6th September 2016 it will be published book!  A short quick reference type book called “Unlocking Unhappy“.

What door are you hiding behind?  The door of sadness?  The door of trauma?  The door of mediocrity?  Is it time to unlock that door?  Time to break down the foundations of that reality and create a different possibility for you?  for your family?  If so I would love to invite you to come play with me on the next 5 Days to Change Your Life.  In this 5 days we cover a huge range of tools that can be used to change anything that you desire to change.  The class is designed to be a wholistic approach to change including you the being and your body.  We cover topics from money, parenting, business, relationships and so much more.  In fact the class is created by those that are there and the questions they ask.

So what are you asking to change?  Could this 5 day class be what you require to identify and change it?

What if the mantra of Access Consciousness could be true for you?

All of life comes to me with ease, joy & glory!®

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