Oftentimes, when I've been working with clients and they often talk about how the money flows, like they're really struggling day to day, they can see the big picture, they're growing their business, they're building, building, building. And yet, right now is really, really, really tough.


And I say, Well, what are you choosing to create the now but I'm creating my future. So but what about the now? And this can show up as well in relationships and your money flows and bodies, you know, how often do we go right? I am going to get fit and healthy. And we do it in a way that long term may not be the most ideal, or we create a result in the future that isn't creating in the present as well. What if all of life, past, present, and future, can come to you with ease and joy and glory? Now, obviously, we can't go back and change the past. But we can create a different reality in our own selves about the past. And by doing so that will also add more ease and joy and glory to your present and your future. 

So my big question for you today is are you creating your past? Are you creating your future? Or are you creating your now? Or are you creating your now and your future? Because as I said, we can't change the past, we can only change how we respond when we look at the past. But we can create our now and we can create our future. So if you are currently choosing to only create your future, are you finding that today is kind of like Ah, I'm so stressed, I can't...? Or are you choosing for the right now? I'm going to have yumminess for me right now. I'm going to not talk to people that annoy me, I'm gonna only eat the foods that are really, really yummy. I'm only gonna do the things.... What is that creating in the future? For some of you that does create a future that you desire. But are you asking about that? Are you looking at? If I choose this, what will my life be like in five years? If I don't choose this? What will my life be like in five years? So those questions are always on the tip of my tongue. I'm always looking at: If I create this video today, what will that create? Now, I can almost guarantee that 999% chance that while I'm creating this video, I'm not going to get a phone call because of this video. But my future whether that's five minutes in the future, an hour in the future, five days in the future, five years in the future. When I asked if I create this video now, I got Yeah, that's creating for the future. Now, creating from my now at the same time, is doing it at a time that works for me. It's not trying to do this evening, when the whole family's home and we've got visitors coming for dinner. We've got the world like jumbling around, and here's me trying to go "I need to make a video I've got to get done. No, don't do that. I.." It just created stress.  I would choose stress in my life for what reason? I don't! I choose to have the ease the joy, the glory of living now and in the future. So what are you choosing that is creating stress in your world? Maybe it's something that yes it needs to be done but not right now. Or yes, it needs to be done but needs to be done now, not tomorrow. By being willing to be aware of this by asking "If I do this now what will that create? If I don't do this now what will that create?" Then you get to start to see the energy of you perceive that energy shift. Ask yourself just a simple question. Like, if I, whatever now, what will that create? If I do it later? What will that create? And if I don't do it at all, what will that create? Now look at the energy that showed up for each of those questions. Was one more expensive and joyful and yeah that whole or maybe even just a slight? Whoa, oh, that took some weight off my shoulders. That's what's true for you, that's what's creating a greater reality for you. And some of those options might have gone? And if one is lighter than the other, go with that one. If it's lighter to do it right now. Use that one. If it's light is never do it ever follow that one. And I've had people say to me, Oh, but I don't know which one to choose. Every choice is only valid for 10 seconds. So what if you being you in choosing and getting the awareness of what that choice creates, and then choosing again, could actually be what's required. Now, this whole knowing what you know, and being empowered to choose what creates greater for you, that's actually something that many of us have had that removed from us, throughout our lives. We've not been given permission to know what we know. We have to follow instructions, we have to do what we're told, we have to be what we're supposed to be.


Be this Michelle be this Michelle be this Michelle and different people are telling you to be different things. And you kind of really, like your pulled from there to there to there. How is this gonna help my business? You say how? By just sit back and "ask is this creating my future? Is this creating my now? Or is this creating both?" and it may be that some things you choose are to create your now as the joyful, expensive, yummy life that you desire. And some things you choose to do with future. Some things might be to do with both. So just be in the question. Keep asking "what will this create?" What will my life and living, what will my business what are my money flows, what will my relationships, what will my body, whatever you're looking at, be like in five years if I choose this? And what will my life, body, living, whatever it is, be like in five years if I don't choose it? And then you might also go, okay, so what will my life living and body, whatever it is, be in five years? If I do this today? Or do it tomorrow? Oh, that lightened up. Oh, okay. Do it tomorrow. Awesome. And, you know there doesn't need to be any reason and justification for your awareness. Sometimes you do get reasonable justification showing up. I mean, right now, we here in Rotorua at Level Two for the COVID thing. Auckland is at level three and cannot travel and this weekend we have a family gathering down in Levin. And guess what? Those up in Auckland can't make it and that really really sucks, you know.


But months ago when we started organizing this family gathering, I couldn't book accommodation, just wasn't happening. I kept asking "should I book the accommodation now?" no should I book the accommodation now? No, Should I book? No. Okay. And now it turns out that there is people up in Auckland that booked accommodation that can't use it. And so we're just going to use their accommodation we'll pay them for it and everybody's happy. So it was my knowing if I choose this now what will that create if I don't choose this now what will that create?


 I also had a similar situation last year, I was supposed to be ordering 50 massage tables for a conference that we're having here in New Zealand and kept asking is now the time? should I buy those tables yet? But I was willing to ask the question. And I had no cognitive awareness that were gonna be having COVID happen, that we were not going to be even able to have the conference. And if I had gone, right, I must order message tables, we have conference did that in the cognitive logical sense of the word. I would have ended up with 50 massage tables and no conference to rent them out at. What I ended up with was a resistance to buying it. Ah, okay. If I buy them now, what will that create heavy? If I buy them later? What will that create oh that's lighter. And we may have that conference next year, or the year after, and I buy them for that. And that's the later, but see how by being willing to be present with the question and with the energy, I was able to not end up stuck with a few thousand dollars worth of massage tables sitting in my garage unused. So what are you aware of? And are you using that to create your present and your future? Or just your present? Or just your future? Or actually using what you're aware of to destroy your present or destroy your future? Or? So what question can you ask? As I say, Is this for now or for the future? And so, oh, that's another point. One of the things that Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness recommends is that you have a little ideas book. With that ideas book, any idea that you have, you write it down, and you ask the idea to let you know, when it's time to action that idea. And I use that awareness with anything I do. So say for example I get the awareness that of a class to be taught. Okay, cool. So is that class for now? Or for the future? And if it's for the future? Do I need to put any action in now towards creating that class in the future? Just by being willing to ask questions, look at the energy of it, I can start to create Oh, no, thats for the future and is there any action required now to put that into place? No. Okay, cool. Write in the ideas book, ask it to let me know when it's time. So you might also get an awareness of something. And go, Oh, is that now or the future? Now? Do I need to put action in right now? Yes, okay, cool. And get on with it, and get doing it and create. Just because you've had an idea doesn't mean that you have to do something about it right now. And see how asking questions can give you that clarity, and that ease and that awareness of possibilities, that if you don't use questions, you might be stuck making something that you have an idea and put action into it. And actually, you're ahead of your time, as they say. So, I hope these questions have been of assistance to you. And asking yourself, Am I creating my now and my future?

And that may be with one choice, you know, it may be going to the supermarket and creating your now and your future by buying gluten free bread. Because you need the loaf of bread right now. And two days down the track. You might have somebody come to visit that's gluten free. And you don't have to run out and get all stressed. Oh my goodness about gluten free.

I've got some gluten free in the fridge. Awesome. That's easy. And they're like oh, that's so cool somebody cares about me. Who knows? So I invite you to use these questions. A question always empowers you to know what you know. Decision, a judgment, a conclusion shuts down your awareness. So even when you get awareness keep asking questions. Ask another question. Ask another question, ask another question. So I hope you've enjoyed this video. If you have and you want to know more, please like and subscribe if you're on YouTube. You know, if you're on my blog home page, then please join up my newsletter and each time I release a video you'll receive these in your emails. And if you've got anything going on for you that you just really don't know how to handle. Maybe a private session with me might open something up or there might be other blog posts that have information that can give you some ease with that. What else is possible guys? How much fun can you have and what if all of life can come to you with ease and joy and glory? Thanks so much.



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