So Magic, What is it? How do you create it in your life? What does that look like?

I grew up reading Sword and Sorcery, Dungeons and Dragons, Fantasy where magic was the ability to wield elemental powers at your will, or the powers bestowed by the God that you worshiped. We have all been exposed to these ideas that we are more powerful than can be imagined, and we see Magicians that catch bullets with their teeth, or make people disappear and re-appear at will. Are they for real or are we all fooling ourselves? Is that what Magic is?

We’ve all heard the stories of people doing incredible things like lifting impossible weights or being in car accidents and emerging without a scratch. Is that what magic is? Sorry for all those that want a simple, definite Yes/No answer, but this is something you are going to have to experience for yourself.

The Awareness that Access Consciousnesstm functions from is that your Point Of View (POV) creates your reality. So if you have the POV that magic does not exist, you will never see it. You will always rationalise a reason that anything happened as a coincidence, that an event never really happened like that, that the story has grown in the telling. If that works for you, that is fine. As in all things to do with Access, you should be finding what works for you, not believing what anyone else tells you is true – see my previous blog about the Light and Heavy Tool.

My own POV around magic is “What else is Possible?”, especially if you have no POV around what is impossible. I prefer to function from the infinite possibilities of an infinite Universe. Sounds sweet and lovely doesn’t it? How does that relate in the Real world though? How this has showed up in my life has been varied. One example that comes to mind is one morning when I had not got as much work lined up as I would like, so I asked the question “what is it going to take for more work to show up with ejg?” Within 2 hours I had a call from a supplier saying that he had been talking to another customer that needed a contractor and he had mentioned us, could we give them a call please. My response was “of course” and “how does it get any better than this?”. Now you have a choice, to either dismiss this as coincidence or look at it and ask, “what would it take for that to show up in my life?”. Or the number of times I have found things that should not be able to be found with absolute ease? Almost like… magic?

Magic_Dragon“Yeah well, what about real magic, what about teleporting and flying and Harry Potter and all that? Are they possible?” Is the next response I hear from out there. What if they are? What if the reason that we can’t do those things now is that we have already bought the lie that we can’t? I would suggest starting with asking some questions like “what am I doing now that is magic, that I don’t acknowledge as magic”. If you are not willing to see where you are at now, how can you move on to something greater? What if your definition of what magic is is actually the limitation that you cannot overcome? Would you be willing to let go of all your definitions of what magic is and allow something else to show up? Ask for what you want to show up in your life. When it does ask “how did I create this? The awareness you receive will lead you to more. That is what will lead you to the magic in your life. Sorry about that, I can’t be the Tutor in the Arcane Arts for you, I have no Book of Spells to copy and learn. I can only offer you some tools that you have to apply to find your talents and abilities. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

So in short, all it really takes for magic to start showing up in your life is to be willing to receive it. Can I throw fireballs at Dragons with just a pinch of firestone and a few choice words? Not in this 10 seconds, but what would it take for that to show up for me? Up next – The Curly Question that has been rolling around my head asking to be written – Does this Shit Actually Work?

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