Bars Testimonials


“I had 1 experience of running Bars for someone with type 2 diabetes, he checked his blood sugar level, before and immediate after the session he actually felt like his blood sugar level was high (the feeling that he usually had when he didn’t have the insulin injection)… but it turned out that the blood sugar level was dropped… so he actually felt the opposite… without any insulin injection, the blood sugar level dropped…”


Ryan Tee


“At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with a severe form of arthritis, and was told I would have to take arthritis medication for the rest of my life. I had been taking the medication for over 6 years, until recently, I decided that I wanted to have children. Although, in order to get pregnant I had to somehow get off my medication. I met Daria and told her about it, she suggested that I have my Bars  run on a regular basis. Up till this point in my life, every time I tried to stop taking the medication I would be in severe pain. So of course I was skeptical. However, by the end of my second week without arthritis medication while having my bars run, I found that I didn’t even need Tylenol anymore. I realized that my joint pain had been reduced to a tolerable level which had never happened before. A few weeks later, the pain was completely gone. I still have some swelling around my joints, but no pain, today I continue to work on a complete recovery.” Elise. S.



“Thank you, for the shift that you created in my life. In December, I got to know that I had a prostate enlargement. I was given a choice either to wait 6 months and see if it would worsen or to have a surgery. I chose to wait. Now, after receiving only 5 Access MTVSS™ session and 5 Bars™ sessions, my test results surprised everyone, including the doctors. The level of extra fluid went from 60ml to 10ml in less than 6 months. Doctors could not believe it and understand the shift that occurred. I also would like to point out that MTVSS and Bars sessions were very relaxing. I found myself more at peace than before. I am looking forward to having more sessions.” Vladimir M.



“Before Access Bars session, I felt my life is not worthy of living. Having my bars run a few times brought more joy in my life. I got a new job, and I have happy relationship. What else is possible? Thank you.” Cindy W.


“I received my first Access Bars™ session today from Daria and it was amazing. I was so relaxed and found myself resting after it and then it was like I was transformed. I am now more at peace and calm then I have been for a long time.  I look forward to how this will help me shift forward in my life, and definitely look forward to working with Daria in the future.” Cindy C.


 “I’m amazed, elated, excited, about how well I felt after you ran bars on me. My mind was so clear like never before, and the pains I was having in my neck and shoulders was completely gone. I would like to get together with you to run bars on me again for different topics, will be in touch. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. You are awesome. All you do for me helps my partner and I to have such an absolutely amazing relationship. Really I cant thank you enough.” Brian S.



“I had my second Access Bars session with Sherri last week, and I am amazed to find that the effect of the second session has been every bit as striking as the first. The sessions themselves were relaxing and peaceful, including sensations of gentle “movement” inside of my head. Toward the end of the sessions I experienced, from a source apparently outside of myself, a warm influx of love, peace and joy. Both times, I spent the next 24 hours in a state that can only be described as “high”! As I settle back into everyday life, I carry with me a bouyancy and strength that are decidedly greater than what I possessed prior to the session. Moreover, I feel that the increased joy and resiliance I experienced after the initial session remained with me during the next 6 weeks, and that my subsequent session built onto them, with the effect of gradually raising my “happiness set-point”.
Having a life-long history of depression and of treatment with anti-depressants, I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone seeking help with this issue, and also to anyone wishing to facilitate the process of becoming their greatest and most fulfilled self.” Carolyn






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