Destress & Defrag

Relax and clear space to be you and create greater.

Rocking Relationships

Facilitating you from rocky to rocking!

Immune System Booster

The tool for undoing almost every way the body is malfunctioning

Business Coaching

Opening the possibilities that are available!

Energetic Face/Body Lift

Look younger with no chemicals or operations!

Parenting for Fun

Tools and possibilities for ease with parenting.

Find a time that works for you

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Private Sessions with Michelle Edhouse

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"Before I had a session with Michelle I was certain this pain was longterm, even the doctors were prescribing a lifetime of pain killers.  3 x 1hr sessions and I have the joy of movement and rarely take medication at all.  So grateful!!  Totally recommend the fun easy session."   Sharleen, Lake Rotoma, NZ

"My business was failing and I was sure we would loose the house before I came to see you Michelle.  Now the bookings are flowing in and I am so excited about the future!  Thank you. How does it get any better than this?"  Julie, Sydney, Australia

Unlocking Unhappy

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