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How does it work?

As an affiliate of this site you can contribute to the spread of this information and earn money!
When you register as an affiliate you will be given a URL end which you can add to the end of the url of any page on our website and share it.  This creates a cookie on their device and if they purchase anything from our website in the next 360 days (or until they click someone else’s affiliate link to our site) you receive a commission.  This includes all the products in our shop as well as many of the upcoming classes!

Once you have registered, anytime you are logged into our site there will also be new bar across the top of the site which will auto generate your affiliate link for that page!  How does it get any easier than that?
Another easy option is to add your personalised referral chunk to the end of any url on my website which looks like /?ref=your.username

Payment of commissions is current as credits you can transfer to coupons to use towards your next purchase or class paid for on this site!  I am working on getting Paypal payments set up for you so stand by.

If you have any questions once you have registered please contact Michelle

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