June Joyful Series Replay

Are you ready to add a bit of joy to your life?

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NZ$50.00 NZD
NZ$50.00 NZD

Are you ready to add a bit of joy to your life?
You may be aware that the Access Consciousness mantra is ‘All of life comes to me with ease joy and glory!’

Over the month of May the amazing Grace Hart and I were facilitating daily 30 minute calls on a series called ‘30 Days to a joyful body‘ – recordings available, and these created so much we started asking what other areas would people like more joy?

So here is what got created…

As you can see they all lead from one to the next so would you like to come play with us on the series? All 3 x 1 hour calls for only $100! Or you can put your toe in for FREE as the Joyful You call is our Gift to you.

These are the recordings of these 3 amazing calls available on MP3 instantly upon purchase.

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