If You Could You Change Anything What Would You Choose?

If you could create your life today what would you choose right away?

What if this really was a possibility?

What if there was a set of tools and techniques that could change anything in your life and living?

Is Your Hate Blocking Your Awareness?

When you hate something how much of your awareness do you block off? What would be different if you were still aware of everything? How much more ease would you have in relationships and parenting? We have a daily email that you can register for that sends you a new...

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Up Until Now I…

Are you creating your reality by how your are describing your past? What would change if you were to add 3 little words to the beginning of your "I" statements? This little tip was given to me by Kass Thomas and I am so super grateful! We have a daily email that you...

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Unlocking Unhappy

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