If You Could You Change Anything What Would You Choose?

If you could create your life today what would you choose right away?

What if this really was a possibility?

What if there was a set of tools and techniques that could change anything in your life and living?

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How To Contribute Without Being Hurt

When you are an empath or a healer so many of us jump into someones life or body to perceive what they require or how we can contribute. Is this a kindness to your body? to you? What if there is a different way?   We have a daily email that you can register for...

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Are you willing to be a BAD parent?

What would happen if you were a BAD parent? How much judgement would you receive from others? How wrong would you make yourself every time you did something that makes you a bad parent? What if there is another way? We have a daily email that you can register for that...

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